Imperia people!

This woman is 102 years old.

It is a very pretty part of the world… Imperia. Just east of San Remo and about 1 hour and a half from France.

Still working out the long exposures on the Konica..

Good bloke Mike....

Don Corleone..

Pretty in white!

Downtown Locals.


and if you are in the area you should ask about a fungi restaurant in the hills.. You can do a lot worse than a 15 coarse mushroom dinner with all the wine you can drink, followed by Lemon Chello and Grapa!!! In the 10 times I have been there, I have left satisfied 10 times… oh, and with my eyeballs hanging out of my head!

A good waitress, and say I sent you!

The owners... They love it and we love them!

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3200 reasons to Enjoy Rome….

This gallery contains 28 photos.

My Birthday weekend 2011. My Last one before I am 40! Can you believe that??? I can’t! I catch myself thinking about that a lot lately! What have I got, where am I going, what will there be after!!!! Most … Continue reading

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The one thing about shooting with film is that you can’t just look at it!! Its wait until that roll is shot and then taken to the printers, developed and picked up! That 1 or 2 day wait for me is the hardest.. The last few weeks have been computer-LESS as my less than 3 year old Macbook Pro motherboard died (a second time) and I had to wait for my new one! So, hear we are, new machine spinning and the last developed rolls for you to look at! Hossegor to Paris and some young Aussies first time to France..

Ian…One of my favorite photos I have ever taken.. Ian Mednick is a that kinda guy! Been surfing 2 summers and is ripping! Rock on mate! 

Test exposures...

More tests!

Last moon of the summer with Pat!

old faithful!

Bayonne.. As beautiful a city as they come!

The spires...

Keen fishing...

Water a bit on the brown side.. Bordeaux.

Train lines..

HAHA! Lazy??


All roads...

Check Rhys's shirt! Rocking on his first trip to Paris!

Checking the talent

Opps, wasn't us!

Classic aussies...


Geeday Moore!

Yea boys.. Calm before the storm...

Last warmth.Christian money

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A weekend’s portraits…

Bad ass Rory...

I can’t say it enough… I love my new (old) camera!! Out of the 108 photos of this past weekend that I took, there are 80 that are (in my eyes) incredible.. Is it because of the time it takes to set up the shot or the nerves pulsing in my fingertips before I press the shutter release or maybe the hoping that the shot taken is the shot developed?? I do not know!!! I am stoked for the boys and girls help and also their attention span for the extra seconds it took to focus these shots! Just a side note here as well! I have every shot in print and on a computer screen the quality does them NO justice! Enjoy!



Wall Pumps


THE man!

The sidekick..


Nick and Sean pondering what the games will bring!

A nth monkey…

Nick and Tom

Nick and Plage...

Erica and Plage

Pete and Plage

Chippy and Entry to Plage

Two girls showering....

Van Dwellers.


Has anyone ever seen Turbo not happy???

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Paris Fashion week…

Fellow bloggists getting the gold!

Its all such a wank! All the ‘KOOL’, ‘IT’ crowd arrive in borrowed shoes and clothes and pretend they are someone special. A driver in a big black Merc driving them between shows and parties. Having the most sort after, drug addles ‘super’model under their arms.. Except for their fat wallets these same trainwrecks wouldn’t give them the time of day! At the parties it the usual ‘thats such and such, he/she is this or that!!!’. But apparently that makes all the difference! The big houses jockey-ing for the best timeslots and models for their catwalks, putting on shows of brilliance that are supposed to dazzle those lucky few in attendance. Sometimes millions of dollars for a 15min show in the premier venues in Paris!

I love it! I am a nobody here but I still get to sport the armbands or have the gold embossed invitations to places I shouldn’t be in! Drinking the Moet in places I can’t afford to go to. Always underdressed! Just for my own fuck-you with my eye-balls burning out looking at the want-a-bee’s sucking dick and the someone’s accepting! I saw a guy at the urinal drop his metallic cocaine container, echoing through the gold fitted, marble tiled floor,

spill half his stash, pick it back up and continue to inhale like it was the norm! I suppose it is! I want to say thanks to Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Burberry, Lancome, fuck me the list goes on and on for bringing this to Paris and also the biggest MERCI to the consumers that actually buy the shit!

Here is a few from around the town.

Relaxing before the mayhem!

Relaxing before the mayhem!

I love his work and I don't know hers....

Some Russian...

Sophie and the Lourve..

Kooolio at the resto-house thing with Sophie and Sarah..

Entry was tight...

Camera's not allowed!! I was rebellious but nearly got beaten by 3 massive Africans..

Victims, in more ways than one!

Everyone rushes in, bunps nd grinds for the best seats unless your uber kool and have then assigned to watch the parade..

Prices justified...

A cat made out of LV appareil. WOW, now I have seen it all!

Lions as well!

'The Kills' or someone.. I think the music is more kool because one of them is married to Kate Moss.

Kate herself... If I wasn't being manhandled by 40 paparazzi I might have got a shot!

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October in Paris and I can still wear boardies!!!

The parks here are a welcome relief from the concrete and exhaust fumes...

Its been the most incredible last few weeks of weather here in Paris and in fact all of France. 28 degrees and baking the sidewalks, filling the magnefic parks and making drinking Rose on ice all the easier! I am still getting to know my Konica but am still in love with the whole concept of 35mm film. Every shot is thought about, framed and adjusted to the light and then the waiting for the film to be processed.. Here a few from around town.

The last days of a hot summer were hotter in Oct! The hottest since 1949.. Its all about to change!

Macro flower bud doing its best impression of a snake!

Getting the last drops before this weekends cold snap!

This is in the middle of Paris!

I think that is a Ram's horn..... Jewish new year! or some shit!

Recognize this Blvd?

Hotel De Ville! They did nothing in halves back in the day!

Write that down!

The fine details amaze me!


This is literally everywhere you look!

Seasons are a-changing...

When the leaves are falling and they are this color its time to dust off the big coats! But not quite yet!

Not good for the Regime...

Jerome, Elsa and Ced on my way to burn some calories at the piscene...

A boy taking a picture of another boy climbing the twisted pole!

A tower in the towers!

28mm of La Defense!

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Lomo-ing in sydney…

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