The one thing about shooting with film is that you can’t just look at it!! Its wait until that roll is shot and then taken to the printers, developed and picked up! That 1 or 2 day wait for me is the hardest.. The last few weeks have been computer-LESS as my less than 3 year old Macbook Pro motherboard died (a second time) and I had to wait for my new one! So, hear we are, new machine spinning and the last developed rolls for you to look at! Hossegor to Paris and some young Aussies first time to France..

Ian…One of my favorite photos I have ever taken.. Ian Mednick is a that kinda guy! Been surfing 2 summers and is ripping! Rock on mate! 

Test exposures...

More tests!

Last moon of the summer with Pat!

old faithful!

Bayonne.. As beautiful a city as they come!

The spires...

Keen fishing...

Water a bit on the brown side.. Bordeaux.

Train lines..

HAHA! Lazy??


All roads...

Check Rhys's shirt! Rocking on his first trip to Paris!

Checking the talent

Opps, wasn't us!

Classic aussies...


Geeday Moore!

Yea boys.. Calm before the storm...

Last warmth.Christian money


About ashkelleher

I love life, my family, my friends, my girl Sophie, my home town Currumbin, Australia, 120 and 35mm film photography, travel, stories, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, Nascar, bars, clubs, people-watching, laughing, Western's, Robina movie complex, drinking beer at Currumbin SLSC and living outside of the box! All of the above is keeping me young in mind and spirit! I highly recommend all of the above!
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