I’m a changed man!!!!

So here I was thinking that ancient 35mm film and the cameras that shot them were a thing of the past! My Canon DSLR is the shit and I was saving for the update for the 5DmkII. I was with a friend in Paris assisting him in a photo story for a weekly magazine. He was to use a 5D mkII for this shoot and was talking alot how he detests using this medium and prefers the randomness of film. I looked at his portfolio on-line and liked what I saw. He is a French guy that lived in Australia for some time and also surfs and it happens he was in Hossegor for 2 weeks this European summer. He has a great project he is working on with a old film camera! Talking in depth with him about photography and seeing the effort it took to depress that shutter button, setting up the camera all manually, composing the shoot, finding a subject and then waiting for that exact moment was mesmerizing to me! That was it! I was on the lookout for a film camera! I already have one in a EOS 5 (that will fit all my L series lenses) but its at a friends place in the country on the other side of France and unobtainable for the moment! Randomly I bumped into a Spanish guy shooting with a Hasselblad 503 at LE Surfing and got talking to him! I realized ANYBODY can use a DSLR easily and produce great quality shots!  So, here I was in Republic ( a part of Paris where there are alot of second hand camera shops) and was hunting a Hasselblad. I couldn’t find one in my price range and went to meet Sophie and her friend for a cafe! I though on the way that (again randomly) to look across the road at a ‘Brocante’ ( a second-hand sidewalk sale they have in different parts of the city at different times) and I saw a leather box! It was in the middle of all this old junk, all dusty and dirty bottles, old carpentry tools and ripped paintings. Jewel in the rough and it was 5.30 in the afternoon after a full day of bargain hunters digging for the gold! I’ll post my new kit later but long story short this is the first 2 rolls of film I shot with my new (actually 1979) camera! I included every shot even if they weren’t perfect (except the completely black ones)! First was B/W and then came color! Me and my film loading techniques rendered the color useless after 4 photos. The old not loading the film canister correctly trick! Just goes to show that I know nothing about film photography. That is going to change and that is a promise!!

Here are the sites for the 2 guys that changed my views..




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A dummies day in Paris..

ok... Tess is in the hood..

Its the end of September and Summer is winding down in Europe. Its still warm. today was even hot but its only that 1 storm away from 4 layers and gloves! I am not looking forward to it but we all know its coming! today was going to be a big day. I had a Australian friend call and say she is in town. Great! I love showing of this city like its my own and its even better when that person doesn’t know shit about it! AND I mean doesn’t know shit!’ In fact she did not even know who painted the Mona Lisa!!! Really!! After 30 min in a line, sweating with 1000 others I stormed out of the Lourve for that reason! There was no way I going to walk past hundreds of priceless pieces of art to look at a small painting famous for being famous with a girl that didn’t even know, after we told her Da Vinci, his first name! Jesus! So,on the scooter we go for a cafe with my mate Tim, zipped up to Montmarte then spent 40min in traffic to drop her off! Christ!

This weirdo was searching around looking for a lover...

Said weirdo changing sides....

Not racist..

If she waited 2 seconds I could have got a nice shot... she did everything else to try to get me arrested!


Once a groupie, always a groupie!

Another tourist.

yummm, Lunch and what you cant see is the egg underneath.


Its still warm here!

More tourists..

Your eyeballs burn here... not so good for the girls but incredible for us guys!

5 o’clock meeting at our and the worlds favorite people watching bar, “Bar du Marche’ or now abbreviated  down to BDM! Its a never fail good time and the different variety of people moving past that place is incredible! They seat you anywhere they can on these little seats next to strangers, everyone there to be bumped, fumed and spoken too!  I think I heard my friend say 10 times in the space of a hour, before my girl Sophie and her friends arrived, that he has fallen in love! 10 bottles of Rose later we were hooting and shooting long exposures, light painting penis’s! Another great day with good people. The bad ending to my great day and night was the 4 glasses of white! If you are ever in Paris get to St Germain and the BDM, drink a glass or more of Rose and watch the world go by!

Future Lovers??

New friends..

Old friends...

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one..


On the tune..

It wasn't me!

It was the white wine, I swear!

You just can't not love Paris!!!

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You just can’t beat 35mm..

I was cleaning a cupboard the other day and I found 5 rolls of slide film. I was wondering when I shot them. I was thinking 2004/2005. I was so excited while I waited the 2 days for the processing and out of the 5 rolls I got about 25 good photos. I was stoked to have that many after 6 years of sitting in a dusty cupboard! Here they are, shot on a Canon EOS 5 on slide.

Val D'Isere shot from a helicoter during 'THE BIG DAY OUT'

I was lucky enough to shoot (video) from a helicopter during the X-box Big Day Out in Val D’Isere. I remember we had 15min of heli-time and I got into the empty helicopter, no seats just a flat floor and the gave me the safety chain and I clicked  it onto me. I didnt realize that it was supposed to be tight. I had it loose thinking I could move around the space easily. As we lifted off I had my feet on the skids thinking I would be man enough to sit on the edge and film. It was freezing cold and as we got higher and higher and banked over the home run down to La Daille heading towards the contest site on La Face I realized I might not be up for the challenge. About 50 meters up I took my feet off the skids and moved inside.. As we banked over the site (and we were under rules no lower than 150mts) I was looking directly down to the ground and was literally sitting on the floor with no harnesses. Nothing stopping me from falling except the 2 meters of safety cord. Very Memorable!

Night jumping..

Parties, parties and a bit of snowboarding! Incredible event and something that Val D is missing.. Well done to Gumby for all those years of organising a incredible time for 1000’s of people!


I don’t know why but this pic is the epitomy of fun.. this part of the mountain you must be at full speed to make the length of the flat. Just a friend going fast on a perfect piste day in Val D’Isere

Birthday Skiing..

Our Danish friends birthday.  I think.. or not but just good times with good people!


This looks like its been through multiple filters in photoshop. Nothing! Straight scan off the slide. This is a German world war 2 bunker slowing being reclaimed by the sea!

A young Curren.

If I remember correctly, this is Leanne Curren singing on a stage in Capbreton during ‘The King of the Groms’. I introduced a guy to his future wife on this night! Yea Chad!

San Sab.

This is ‘The Plague’ playing in a little room on the hill above the ‘old town’ in San Sabastian. If you saw this band I am sure you had one  of the craziest nights of your life! I think I saw them 30 odd times and everytime there is a different story of something random. Incredible memories!


The man with the Gold Pass! welcome everywhere even after drinking the bar dry, Howie is literally one of a kind! If your at the bottom of the barrel you hope to bump into this guy. Too many a incredible story with my mate Howie and I look forward to the next time we share a beer or 20.

Chain smoking mutha fucka!

We were at the ski resort Les Deux Alpes in France and the Plague were playing around the resort for the Mondial du Snow in November. Its a thing before the season starts and everyone is there. Its loose! This guy in German and after a all weekend drinking spree, was reciting one of Adolf Hitlers at full scream off the balcony of the hotel we were staying in.. The police came, smelt pot and raided the room! Lucky for us, REALLY, the smoke they smelled was coming out of another hotel room and the police went to town on them instead of us. As I said, without the details, we were very lucky that they didn’t come into our room! Jesus!


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and this!!!


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Very good for a laugh..

This reminds me of a few of my friends… In more ways than one! LOL!


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Well it is 10 years on!!

What a view.. At the top of the Rock!

Please, oh PLEASE give me and anyone else who is interested in the truth, THE TRUTH!! I have always said, since I was first suspect on the governments analysis of the World Trade Center collapse, that if they could prove that building ‘7’ came down ‘due to fire’ I would stop with my dis-beliefs. However now I have found this doco its making it harder and harder! I was standing waiting for the sunset on the roof-top terrace of the Rockefeller building, freezing in the february winds howling off the ocean to the east. Sophie was inside patiently waiting for me! I got speaking to two security guards posted on the terrace. It was below 0 and they were in their big dark jackets, beanies and gloves. A big ,black, straight out of some action movie type guy with a full blown New Yorker accent! The other was a girl who had lived in NY all 40 odd years of her life! I was beating around the bush when I just asked, ‘ Those building were kinda big, what do you think really brought them down?’ It went quite. They looked at each other. Away from each other and then back.. After maybe 30 seconds I got my answer. Turns out, they, like all of their friends, don’t believe what the powers that be have told them. They were angry. Still. Nearly 10 years after! I have 2 links for you today.. The first is the said Doco above. Just an eye opener…. The second is a tally, growing every second of how much the 2 middle eastern wars are costing… Let alone all the deaths, on all sides that is amounting.

For all those people that I didn’t know in the 9/11 ‘attacks’, I hope one day you all can rest in peace…



Who saw what through this??

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Hats off…

This writer is amazing! I won’t (can’t) even think about this day without excitement! The boys really manned up in the Billabong Pro event in Tahiti but even they were overshadowed by the tow session on that big day! This is his account and he was there!


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