I’m a changed man!!!!

So here I was thinking that ancient 35mm film and the cameras that shot them were a thing of the past! My Canon DSLR is the shit and I was saving for the update for the 5DmkII. I was with a friend in Paris assisting him in a photo story for a weekly magazine. He was to use a 5D mkII for this shoot and was talking alot how he detests using this medium and prefers the randomness of film. I looked at his portfolio on-line and liked what I saw. He is a French guy that lived in Australia for some time and also surfs and it happens he was in Hossegor for 2 weeks this European summer. He has a great project he is working on with a old film camera! Talking in depth with him about photography and seeing the effort it took to depress that shutter button, setting up the camera all manually, composing the shoot, finding a subject and then waiting for that exact moment was mesmerizing to me! That was it! I was on the lookout for a film camera! I already have one in a EOS 5 (that will fit all my L series lenses) but its at a friends place in the country on the other side of France and unobtainable for the moment! Randomly I bumped into a Spanish guy shooting with a Hasselblad 503 at LE Surfing and got talking to him! I realized ANYBODY can use a DSLR easily and produce great quality shots!  So, here I was in Republic ( a part of Paris where there are alot of second hand camera shops) and was hunting a Hasselblad. I couldn’t find one in my price range and went to meet Sophie and her friend for a cafe! I though on the way that (again randomly) to look across the road at a ‘Brocante’ ( a second-hand sidewalk sale they have in different parts of the city at different times) and I saw a leather box! It was in the middle of all this old junk, all dusty and dirty bottles, old carpentry tools and ripped paintings. Jewel in the rough and it was 5.30 in the afternoon after a full day of bargain hunters digging for the gold! I’ll post my new kit later but long story short this is the first 2 rolls of film I shot with my new (actually 1979) camera! I included every shot even if they weren’t perfect (except the completely black ones)! First was B/W and then came color! Me and my film loading techniques rendered the color useless after 4 photos. The old not loading the film canister correctly trick! Just goes to show that I know nothing about film photography. That is going to change and that is a promise!!

Here are the sites for the 2 guys that changed my views..





About ashkelleher

I love life, my family, my friends, my girl Sophie, my home town Currumbin, Australia, 120 and 35mm film photography, travel, stories, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, Nascar, bars, clubs, people-watching, laughing, Western's, Robina movie complex, drinking beer at Currumbin SLSC and living outside of the box! All of the above is keeping me young in mind and spirit! I highly recommend all of the above!
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1 Response to I’m a changed man!!!!

  1. some beauties there my friend…you just can’t beat analogue, the aesthetic is completely different, tones, grain…awesome!

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