A dummies day in Paris..

ok... Tess is in the hood..

Its the end of September and Summer is winding down in Europe. Its still warm. today was even hot but its only that 1 storm away from 4 layers and gloves! I am not looking forward to it but we all know its coming! today was going to be a big day. I had a Australian friend call and say she is in town. Great! I love showing of this city like its my own and its even better when that person doesn’t know shit about it! AND I mean doesn’t know shit!’ In fact she did not even know who painted the Mona Lisa!!! Really!! After 30 min in a line, sweating with 1000 others I stormed out of the Lourve for that reason! There was no way I going to walk past hundreds of priceless pieces of art to look at a small painting famous for being famous with a girl that didn’t even know, after we told her Da Vinci, his first name! Jesus! So,on the scooter we go for a cafe with my mate Tim, zipped up to Montmarte then spent 40min in traffic to drop her off! Christ!

This weirdo was searching around looking for a lover...

Said weirdo changing sides....

Not racist..

If she waited 2 seconds I could have got a nice shot... she did everything else to try to get me arrested!


Once a groupie, always a groupie!

Another tourist.

yummm, Lunch and what you cant see is the egg underneath.


Its still warm here!

More tourists..

Your eyeballs burn here... not so good for the girls but incredible for us guys!

5 o’clock meeting at our and the worlds favorite people watching bar, “Bar du Marche’ or now abbreviated  down to BDM! Its a never fail good time and the different variety of people moving past that place is incredible! They seat you anywhere they can on these little seats next to strangers, everyone there to be bumped, fumed and spoken too!  I think I heard my friend say 10 times in the space of a hour, before my girl Sophie and her friends arrived, that he has fallen in love! 10 bottles of Rose later we were hooting and shooting long exposures, light painting penis’s! Another great day with good people. The bad ending to my great day and night was the 4 glasses of white! If you are ever in Paris get to St Germain and the BDM, drink a glass or more of Rose and watch the world go by!

Future Lovers??

New friends..

Old friends...

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one..


On the tune..

It wasn't me!

It was the white wine, I swear!

You just can't not love Paris!!!


About ashkelleher

I love life, my family, my friends, my girl Sophie, my home town Currumbin, Australia, 120 and 35mm film photography, travel, stories, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, Nascar, bars, clubs, people-watching, laughing, Western's, Robina movie complex, drinking beer at Currumbin SLSC and living outside of the box! All of the above is keeping me young in mind and spirit! I highly recommend all of the above!
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