Some sort of crazy tattoo party…

Location,… LE SURFING

Date,… 22/08/11

Description,… UNKOWN

We heard about this strange concept of having a party, playing roulette and winning the chance of a tattoo from one of Sweden’s upcoming best artists, while drinking and being merry.. It was a no-brainer we were going to check it out.. We arrived to the tunes thumping and a already heaving Le Surfing in time to watch the sun set. It was ROCKING! Mojhito’s galour followed by more. Now everyone was eating and drinking waiting for the games to begin. The call came and everyone jammed into the stage and whose name was called got a chance to throw 6 darts and where the dart stuck, the design was chosen and promptly tattooed directly on the stage.. There and then. Crazzzy! It seemed everyone wanted one as well!  Yet another radical night at LE Surfing and a great job done by the guys from Rhythm and the photo mag Desilluson.

Thumping tunes until the fuckwit neighbour's Hitler like reguime kicked in! Why not ruin a good night for a few hundred people so they can beauty sleep the summer away!

The girls pre-cocktails...

The chances..

A fair crowd...

Thump thumpo thumpoo

Bex showing off the new work...

Easier than the mojhito's....

Drinks starting to take effect!

Boom boom boom.

Part of the crazy game...

You spin me right round baby righ round.....



Drink up ladies!

Even the locals came out of the Wheat-grass to see the action!

ummm, Its kool to play!

The cheers were up, mostly 'TITS, TITS, TITS!!'

A bit quieter but still thumping..

The prize..

Result is in..

Highest card wins..

Women love..


The last prize...


About ashkelleher

I love life, my family, my friends, my girl Sophie, my home town Currumbin, Australia, 120 and 35mm film photography, travel, stories, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, Nascar, bars, clubs, people-watching, laughing, Western's, Robina movie complex, drinking beer at Currumbin SLSC and living outside of the box! All of the above is keeping me young in mind and spirit! I highly recommend all of the above!
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2 Responses to Some sort of crazy tattoo party…

  1. Great night! Good vibes! Sigh…. Hossegor!

  2. marie laure says:

    nice shots!

    ps: desillusion magazine! 😉

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