Skate Expose!!!

Wow, a random exibition in a random place and it was amazing… They had 4 levels of superbly set out skateboarding photos, art, video and music. It was a eye opener and looking at the photos I notices how raw and more creative the guys shooting on film were.. I snaked some shots of theirs just to show you guys! Amazing..

They are claiming this is the first skatie in the world. The 1915 'Bagette'. Whick means sk8ting was actually started in France...

The Art was rad!

Christain Hosoi!! Ripping then and NOW!

This is the guy who invented the 'Cab'.. Go Steve and the guy who shot this.. mid 80's..Old school Method!! Still the best trick in my eyes!

So Sick!

Wall surfing..

ummm, pretty serious stuff..

Wall Graffiti!

Looks like a few people I know!

I know a few of these!

What is this??? So genius!

With the music this piece was incredible!



About ashkelleher

I love life, my family, my friends, my girl Sophie, my home town Currumbin, Australia, 120 and 35mm film photography, travel, stories, surfing, snowboarding, MotoGP, Nascar, bars, clubs, people-watching, laughing, Western's, Robina movie complex, drinking beer at Currumbin SLSC and living outside of the box! All of the above is keeping me young in mind and spirit! I highly recommend all of the above!
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